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Sports Law 22 Years I.A.S.L. Lex Sportiva Lex Olympica

By Παναγιωτόπουλος Π. Δημήτριος

Sports Law 22 Years I.A.S.L. Lex Sportiva Lex Olympica

Συγγραφείς: Dimitrios P. Panagiotopoulos



Sports Law 22 Years I.A.S.L. Lex Sportiva Lex Olympica
On the 11th- 13th of December 2014 the 20th I.A.S.L. Congress on Sports Law took place, in the same venue where the 1st I.A.S.L. Congress was held 22 years ago, during which the I.A.S.L. was established.

Since then 23 years of research and lecture on Sports Law in international level have passed by. During all these years the contribution of IASL not only to the inter¬national discussion of issues in Sport and of the international Sport practice issues but also to the international publication concerning Sports Law , has been remark¬able. The contribution of IASL to the spread of the context of Sports Law interna-tionally, not only by the conduction of the annual Congresses held all around the world but also by the publication of its magazines, such as the International Sports Law Review Pandektis and the e-Lex Sportiva Journal, has been and still is decisive.
In this issue, the researches that were presented in the 20th IASL Congress are published, according to the special Sessions of the Congress, in order for them to be cohesive. Therefore, researches which are relevant to the fields such as, Sports Law: Lex Sportiva- Lex Olympica, Sports Jurisdiction, Sport Deontol¬ogy and Sports Ethics , Sports Law Management and Sports Tourism, Develop¬ments in Sports Law: Learning from Recent Experience and Planning for the Future and International Sports Law are presented.
As the president of the 20th IASL Congress as well as the president of IASL I would like to thank each and everyone who contributed to the success of this Congress. I would like to thank the speakers, the invited speakers and the Spon¬sors, who helped us make the conduction of this Congress a great success.
I would specifically like to thank the president of the Scientific Committee, Profes¬sor of the Law Faculty Theodore Fortsakis, the Dean of the Law Faculty Professor Di- onysia Kallinikou and the Dean of the Faculty of Sports Science Professor N.Geladas. I would, also, like to thank the President of the Bar of Athens Mr. Vassilios Alexandris.
I would like to specifically thank all the authors, who contributed to the cre¬ation of this issue. Last but not least, I would frankly like to thank the Hellenic Center of research on Sports Law (HCRSL) and its partners as they took on the organization of this Congress as well as the publication of this issue.
Strongly believing that we contribute to the international discussion of the Sports Law we publicize this significant project.


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