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Λούβρος Σπύρος


Σύντομο βιογραφικό

Dr. Louvros Spiros graduated from Physics Department, University of Crete, with specialization (minor field) in Applied Microelectronics and Lasers. He followed post graduate studies (Master of Science – Msc) in Department of Electronic System Design & Telecommunications (ESD&T), Section of Aviation Electronics in the School of Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering, University of Cranfield UK. During his Master studies he completed a Master Thesis “Investigation of the Threshold Effect of an F.M.F.B. Demodulator” and he had been awarded with two years full scholarship from Alexandros Onassis Foundation for Post Graduate studies in Western Europe due to academic studies excellence. In 2004 he has received his PhD Diploma from Signal Processing Laboratory, Section of Electronics & Information Technology, Physics Department, University of Patras, with dissertation “Handover QoS optimization on 2G & 3G networks”.

Dr. Louvros Spiros holds, since 2008, the full position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Telecommunication Systems & Networks, Technological Educational Insitute of Messolonghi. Since 1996 he had worked as a Radio & MW planning and Optimizing Engineer in Siemens TELE S.A. in Athens and since 1997 has held the position of Senior Switching Engineer in Vodafon Hellas S.A., department of Network Operational & Maintenance. In 1998 up to 2006 he joined Cosmote S.A and participated in many positions as a GSM/WCDMA Switching Engineer, Radio Network Planning and Optimizing Engineer, Network Quality Assurance Engineer and finally as a section manager in the section of Network Assurance and Expansion. Since 2010 leads a research group (Wireless Networks and Applications group, WNA) into the NeTIA/TSN Laboratory (, Department of Telecommunication Systems & Networks.

He has participated in national and international research projects and his research interests focus onto wireless communications, wireless networks modeling & performance optimization, Wireless networks Capacity Planning and Dimensioning (WCDMA & LTE), Cyber-cooperative networking and finally on Wireless Visible Light Communications (VLC). He is active researcher in Telecom AB in the area of Wireless communications and Cellular Networks. He holds several papers (85) into international conferences and journals, book chapters (12) in international publication houses, his papers have been cited (more than 100 citations) by international researchers and he is an active reviewer into international journals (Springer Verlang, Elsevier, C&EE, ΙΕΕΕ). He is a member of IEEE society, Hellenic IEEE Communications Chapter, Physics Hellenic Union.

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